Apexfine: the Poetry of Glass

Windows and doors Apexfine on this magnificent, private family residence situated in an urban environment.

The house is a closed, white box devoid of any decorative or ornamental elements. Within the “box”, long, horizontal lines have been opened which connected the house to its surroundings and which created, within the structure, a feeling as if an entire life had been frozen in time.

All the openings have been made by ApexFine minimal profile sliding-system, perfectly designed to open the home to the world through huge glass panels which make it possible to look out into the surrounding environment, or look into the house. They allow natural light to penetrate the structure or artificial lighting to seep out, into the surroundings, during the hours of darkness. In fact, the house constitutes a pure and immaculate bubble which invites those using the spaces into a world of design values that are radically different from those of the surrounding, chaotic, urban world.

The grooved and perforated envelope constitutes a type of polished and minimalistic object which brings out the monastic and minimized language that the designer chose to use. The various levels and the flow of the various shades of white, along with the geometric performance of the light against the horizontal and vertical surfaces, provide the restrained picture a sense of space and depth.