Glass House in Jakarta


Located in the Indonesian capital Jakarta downtown, the private residence project we present here, with extensive use of the ApexFine system, is the direct emanation of the application of Feng Shui to an environment that is devoted to become a real oasis of peace and harmony, starting from the highly chaotic and overcrowded spot which now appears.
Particularly interesting will be the central area of the mansion, the real “Zen” heart of the house overlooking a koi-garden pool, which for its design has been named the Glass House.

Intentionally hiding the view of the urban and architectural disorder of the city landscape outside, the Glass House will have, as a crucial component, a whole perimeter (including roof) made of insulated glass: a continuous game of references between the “inside” and “outside”, it becomes virtually unlimited with the ability to expand the view in every direction.

The house, designed by Hadiprana Architecture Studios, presents a rectangular plan that evokes the principle of regular volumes central to the principles of Feng Shui.
The central courtyard, with a Japan-style pool where will swim a colorful selection of rare Koi Carps (by popular culture symbol of love and friendship), will be the real focal point of observation thanks to its view on all the central rooms of the house, while meditation and relaxation are converged by all the elements traditionally associated with the well-being: water, green, water fish, absence of noise.

The wide ApexFine sliding doors that characterize the whole building (15 units to be installed, some of which motorized), will constitute the “glass house” definition par excellence: the House, in fact, will combine the charm of a window with an almost invisible frame with the higher performance technology systems to counter the tropical monsoon climate of Jakarta.

The final result will be an architecture whose basic points are the treatment of light, the continuity of spaces between the interior and exterior as well as the succession of glimpses related to water, the perfect metaphor of patience and energy.