LUCE Lift & Slide System

A Villa from the early seventies in an exceptional location – the slopes of Monte Longu on the Sardinian coast – La Caletta (Nuoro) – has been restored and modernized by a family that enjoys the comforts offered by the world of today.

The desire of the designer was to create a more contemporary home with very open interior spaces and white lime plaster for defining simple and minimal architecture both internally and externally.

Everything is designed with the intent of creating full integration and fusion of the inner and outer spaces (a lush garden of Palm trees and oleanders, with a large swimming pool on the north side) achieved through large windows that open on all sides of the property facing the splendid sea of La Caletta.

The interior spaces were reorganized keeping the same spatial values already present within the original building plan, but adapted to the needs of the owners, who wanted a large area dedicated to relaxation (swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a hammam with double shower) also taking advantage of a covered terrace.

The bedrooms and living room have been completely redesigned to obtain large and bright spaces, with direct access to the terrace above integrating it to the living area.  

The choice of windows and doors for such residence had to maximize the concept of “all-glass”. To this end, Albertini has designed and installed special windows and doors in Newpine with a Walnut finish characterized by an innovative hardware system that makes it possible to install lift and slides with a visible frame of less than 2 cm: the new line LUCE of Windows and Doors. The fixed section of the door on the ground floor has a span of 3.3 meters in addition to the 1.5-meter operable section, while the windows on the first floor run along the whole east side of the house.

The result is a space where, under the guidance of geometry and with the attention to every detail: materials, light, functional and aesthetic solutions are brought together to stand the test of time.