Paradise Residence


Paradise Residence – so affectionately calls it the owner – is a luxury holiday home recently completed on the west side of Monte Baldo, which overlooks the Garda Lake.
The residence, whose structure is entirely made of wood, has been conceived as part of a mini-complex of 4 luxury homes built on the sloping ground to exploit at most the territory and the marvellous view, which opens on the West side: pristine forests that degrade uniformly towards the lake.
A compact body to meet energy requirements and, at the same time, the big windows of bedrooms and living, equipped with West oriented curtain walls, create the perfect epitome of beauty and performance, for a quality of living at the highest levels.

The Albertini windows, in this context, give a significant contribution to the charm of the villa and to the aim of the project, which is to create a strong interaction between the home and the surrounding environment, the sky, the light.
The system Quadr’A in wood-aluminium, which offers many possibilities to customize the frame to fit the various design requirements, has allowed the creation of windows, both in size and in the shades of colour, that meet the two requirements to blend externally (stands the white colouring matt finish aluminium) and brightening the inner side, dominated by the colour of the wood.
In this case, the minimalist profile of the system Quadr’A with Aluminum Piano was the most suitable to fulfill the overall need for style, which was to create windows and doors inconspicuous as possible to allow time for original solutions of the project (wooden beams, lamps and furniture design) to emerge. In particular, the project is set with many lift and slide units with two sashes, with a width of up to 4.5 meters (piece in the living room).

The most original effect is that of the original fixed window without back lining and the stone cladding which ends up against.
The final result is an architecture, whose main points are the treatment of light, the continuity of space between interior and exterior as well as the emergence and succession of views that crop evocative and precise portions of the landscape.