Shoshone Residence

Near Wilson, in an open, grassy meadow with expansive views on Wyoming’s mountains, the 4,500-square foot Shoshone Residence has been recently completed.

Designed by the Carney Logan Burke team (, the house is an environmentally friendly project with a contemporary trait, perfectly integrated in the landscape which strictly defines its shape and use.

The use of natural materials like wood and stone, of which the external walls are built in full, is made more contemporary by the choice of steel, modern and durable element par excellence . The result is a peculiar mountain residence with a strong expressive identity in which – thanks to a wide use of large windows of different sizes and types – has made the most of the dialogue between the interior and exterior of the building during Wyoming’s short summer season.

In fact, the feeling is a space that makes good use of the external landscape and natural light, but in the same time is protective to accommodate family life. The role of large windows, structured with fixed parts and opening parts, was instrumental. The architect opted for the doors and windows of the line Albertini Wis’A LA in Oak and external-facing in Matt aluminum with triple glazing: security, sound insulation and leading performance in energy efficiency provide optimum living comfort, while the squared Quadr’A profile keeps a clean design and maximum transparency as required by the most demanding architecture.

Also, the windows are an essential element to satisfy another essential element of the project: to build a house in ecological construction materials and insulation. A house therefore sustainable in all its components, also globally in the balance settlement with the landscape.