White Residence

White Residence was awarded the first CasaClima A in Puglia (southern Italy). In specific, the villa resides on the south-west side of Altamura, a suburb of Bari, on a trapezoid lot between two streets.

The single-home residence has been developed on four floors: a basement allocated for a cantina and a garage, the first floor for the living room, and the second and third floor for bedrooms and a studio.

A suggestive trapezoid staircase lit from above by a circular skylight connects the different levels and, in addition, beside been the main link between the left and the right wing of the building, also works as a chimney for the activation of natural ventilation.

Because of design choices, a very careful evaluation of bioclimatic nature was made to guarantee the best solar energy gain during winter, and take advantage from the natural shadowing and the prevailing winds during summer.

The house was built with a reinforced concrete envelope frame filled with double layer of tuff. The floors were made with brick-concrete materials. For the outside walls, the choice was a system of thermal insulation with a thickness of 12 cm.