Villa DuCharme

In a residential neighborhood saturated with traditional style structures located in the fascinating La Jolla, California, architect Laura DuCharme was able to build a home where traditional, antique and modern are ingeniously integrated while providing a sense of protection and intimacy for herself and her family.  

Selecting materials that are typical of this area from an esthetic and functional point of view, was fundamental: nonetheless, she was still able to experiment by looking outside the box.  

Special attention was dedicated to structural elements but also to details such as the north west positioning of the outward opening windows: the wind in this area typically blows in that direction.  

With all these details in mind, architect DuCharme chose Albertini’s Meroku wood with horizontal true-divided-lights in the sash and dual pane glass with lowE coating. This maximizes comfort and noticeably reduces outward heat dispersion neutralizing “cold glass” effect.

In the pictures you can see some arch shaped fixtures with operable windows, wood corner units, outward opening doors with muntins and many other custom made units.