B TB Minima


When the eyelines are reduced to a razor’s edge, glass becomes visually weightless. B TB Minima creates a magical illusion that blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior, more like a forcefield than a window. With a nearly invisible frame and integrated sill, it can support very heavy, tempered or low-emissivity glass with a visual footprint that’s barely a penstroke, pushing the boundaries of contemporary architecture.

Oil our unique extruded copper-zinc admixture and keep it looking brassy and bright, or invite the bronze to adopt a nuanced patina of brown, gold and verdigris.

High-performance thermal breaks insulate every potential heat transfer point with an impenetrable 4mm polyamide boundary. When next-level transformations of space and light across vast architectural openings are a must, accept no substitutes.


  • Ultra-slim profile rendered in lovely, long-lasting bronze
  • Available in double or triple glazing
  • Polyamide thermal break profile to stop heat transfer in its tracks
  • Exceptional insulation with an incredibly slim visual profile
  • Extruded copper alloy from small-batch high precision production lines
  • Stands up to harsh environments
  • Precision-made in Verona, Italy