B TB75


Our thicker bronze solution, TB 75, creates a stark and stunning contrast between slabs of glazing and subtle burnished bronze. Because it features our proprietary blend of extruded zinc-copper alloy, it’s durable, strong and incredibly precise. And with Albertini’s polyamide thermal break system, it seals heat in and cold out (or vice versa) like no other bronze solution can. 

Digitally generated luxurious and stylish living room interior design, with modern sofas, stylish table lamps, big carpet and two wall paintings.

TB 75 is an ideal choice for demanding applications, like marine environments or cold, stormy weather, evoking the ponderous strength of industrial-age architecture. Oil it and keep it looking brassy and bright, or allow the bronze to evolve over time with its countless color variations. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Bold lines, and half-shell section bars from rugged copper alloy
  • Double glazing
  • Thermal break barrier throughout the system for heat transfer prevention
  • Minimal, bespoke and unique finish for timeless character
  • Luxury, prestige and ultra-precise craftsmanship to last generations
  • Precision-made in Verona, Italy