WB 92


When wood and bronze meet in this thick, bold incarnation, a window is born that embodies timelessness. WB92 is suitable for the most demanding environments, including shore and marine settings and cold weather environments where its 92mm cross section provides optimal thermal insulation. Supports double or triple glazing to keep out the ravages of time, temperature and weather. Oil the bronze cladding and keep it looking factory-new or allow it to evolve and shift as the oxidation tells the story of its experience.


  • Refined, classic look in a thick, powerful profile
  • Shiny finish or glorious patina
  • Sumptuous, refined extruded bronze paired with 82mm wood core
  • Triple Sealed and Taped Glass Enclosure ensures optimal thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Kiln Dried, Triple Laminated Wood will last for decades with minimal maintenance
  • Triple Sealing Gasket locks out the elements
  • Available in Austria, Classic and Scarpa external bronze styles
  • Made in Verona, Italy